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Optic Mount I™

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BBC Biochemical Optic Mount I™ Xylene 4oz

SSE Code: BBC 7722
Manufacturers Code: 7722
Optic Mount I™ is a mounting medium designed to be used with staining procedures using Xylene, S-3 Histo™, or S-3 Cyto™ as clearing agents. It is miscible with all routine clearing reagents and has an optimum refractive index for viewing and photo micrography. Optic Mount I™ has been formulated to prevent fading of standard H&E and Papanicolaou stains. Optic Mount II is formulated to be used after aqueous based stains, such as Romanowsky stains. It is to be used in addition to the standard mounting media such as Optic Mount I™. It is added as a pre-mounting medium following aqueous base stain prior to standard toluene or xylene based mounting media. It has the advantage of tolerating water transferred from stain procedure. Additionally, it tolerates water that may be transferred from the staining procedure.

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