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Poly Plast™ Paraffin Wax

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BBC Biochemical Poly-Plast Excel 8kgs/cs

SSE Code: BBC 9337
Manufacturers Code: 9337
The full line of Poly-Plast™ waxes are specifically designed for both infiltration and embedding in the histology lab. Our Poly-Plast™ line includes three different formulas to provide the perfect wax for every type of tissue. Poly-Plast 524™ is designed for exceptional sections and better tissue infiltration. Tissue compression is minimized when sectioning. This wax produces wrinkle free sections even with difficult to cut and brittle tissues. All this together with a low melting temperature of 52° to 54° C makes this a proper choice for regular use. Poly-Plast 568™ is for use with tissues that produce infiltration difficulties and large tissue sections. A specially designed formula that includes unique polymers to allow tissue infiltration 33% faster, while also producing excellent distortion free sections. Poly-Plast Excel™ was specifically designed for ease of use, perfect ribbons and superior infiltration. With a very low melting temperature of 50° to 52° C this wax is perfect for temperature sensitive and quality critical tissues. High quality paraffins ensure proper compression resistance allowing perfect ribbon continuity. Special low viscosity polymers and the addition of DMSO into the formula mean every tissue is completely infiltrated.

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