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BBC Biochemical Rovers Spatula

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BBC Biochemical Rovers Spatula

SSE Code: BBC 9440
Manufacturers Code: 9440
The Rovers Spatula is intended for the collec-tion of cervical cells for analysis by Pap Smear methods and by methods for detecting sexually transmitted disease (STD). The Rovers Spatula has a curved head similar in design to the widely used Ayre spatula, allowing easy scraping and removing of cellular material from the surface of the cervix or vagina. The spatula is comprised of polypropylene. To collect cervical cells, the curved blunt edge of the Spatula is placed against the cervix. Digital rotation with gentle pressure by way of the handle causes the blunt edge to scrape and remove cytological material from the ectocervix. The spatula is then removed from the vagina and the cytological material is transferred to a glass slide or a preservative fluid and sent to the laboratory for evaluation.

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