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Methyl Alcohol 50% 1 Gallon
Item #BBC 9550
Methyl Alcohol 50%, 1 Gallon
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Optic Mount I™ Toluene 4oz
Item #BBC 7720
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Poly-Plast 524 8kgs/cs
Item #BBC 9335
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RapidCal•Immuno™ 1 Pint
Item #BBC 6086
RapidCal•Immuno™, 1Pint
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Deionized Reagent Water
Item #BBC 9956
Deionized Reagent Water, 5 Gallon Cube
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Rovers Spatula
Item #BBC 9440
Rovers Spatula, 50/pk
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Wallach Cytology Broom Purple 100/pk
Item #BBC 9442
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Xylene 4x1 Gallon
Item #BBC 9910
Xylene, 4x1 Gallon
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