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Diamond White Glass Microscope Slides Charged, 90deg Ground Edges Assorted Colors

Price: Call for best price

Globe Scientific Diamond White Glass Microscope Slides Charged, 90deg Yellow

SSE Code: GLB 1358Y
Manufacturers Code: 1358Y

Produced from the finest quality white glass, Globe Scientific's charged microscope slides provide the ideal surface for cell and tissue adhesion. These popular slides are ideal for use in histology, cytology and pathology departments, where the convenience of an adhesive slide saves the user time and money. They are available in assorted colors and are pre-cleaned and ready to use. Produced from the finest quality optical white glass Charged surface allows cells and tissues to adhere to the slide Packed in high-quality white plastic boxes Dimensions: 25 x 75mm Thickness: 1 - 1.2mm Packaging: 72/plastic box, 20 boxes/case (10/gross)

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