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Becton Dickinson BBL A7 Agar, Modified 10pk

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Becton Dickinson BBL A7 Agar, Modified 10pk

SSE Code: BBL 292211
Manufacturers Code: 292211
Packaging: 10 pack

Mycoplasmas require a highly nutritious growth medium. Combining the constituents of IsoVitale X enrichment with added urea and a sensitive indicator of ammonia,BBL™A7 Agar is an ideal medium for isolating and identifying Ureaplasma spp. from other Mycoplasmatales. Colonies of Ureaplasma urealyticum will appear small (usually 16-18 mm), dark golden brown or deep brown with a light background color of the medium. Species of Ureaplasma are the only members of the Mycoplasmatales known to produce urease, upon which the specific color reaction depends.

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