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Mueller Hinton II Media

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Becton Dickinson BBL Mueller Hinton II Agar (100mm Plate) 20pk

SSE Code: BBL 221177
Manufacturers Code: 221177
Packaging: 20 pack

Thymine and thymidine levels are monitored and kept low during the production of BBL Mueller Hinton II Agar. This practice ensures that sulfonamide and trimethoprim activity will not be inhibited. Calcium and magnesium levels are also controlled through careful screening of raw materials. Correct zone diameters are, therefore, achieved with BBL™ Sensi-Disc test discs containing aminoglycosides. The addition of 5% sheep blood to Mueller Hinton Agar base produces a CLSI-recommended medium for testing the antimicrobial susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae.

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