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Becton Dickinson BBL Nocardia ID QUAD 10pk

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Becton Dickinson BBL Nocardia ID QUAD 10pk

SSE Code: BBL 298309
Manufacturers Code: 298309
Packaging: 10 pack

Nocardia ID QUAD contains four biochemical media to aid in the identification of Nocardia and Streptomyces spp. Casein Agar is provided in Quadrant I, Starch Agar in Quadrant II, Tyrosine Agar in Quadrant III and Xanthine Agar in Quadrant IV. Presumptive identification can be made from growth on primary media (Sabouraud Dextrose Agar or BHIA) and by using BBL Gram Stain or Acid-Fast Stain procedures. Along with additional lysozyme, hypoxanthine, urea and nitrogen test results, the Nocardia ID QUAD plate is used to identify the aerobic actinomycetes. Nocardia ID QUAD allows the laboratorian to inoculate and read all four biochemical tests on a single plate, saving time and ensuring better comparative assessments.

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