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Becton Dickinson BBL Seven H11 Agar/ Selective 7H11 Agar Bi-Plate 20pk

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Becton Dickinson BBL Seven H11 Agar/ Selective 7H11 Agar Bi-Plate 20pk

SSE Code: BBL 297250
Manufacturers Code: 297250
Packaging: 20 pack

Cohn et al. improved the formulation of oleic acidalbumin agar to obtain faster, more luxuriant growth of mycobacteria. Their addition of 0.1% casein hydrolysate improved the recovery of isoniazid-resistant strains and resulted in the Seven H11 formulation. The addition of antimicrobials to make Selective Seven H11 results in the decreased growth of contaminating organisms. Use of agar-based media such as Seven H11 Agar can yield positive results six to fourteen days earlier than with egg-based media (e.g., Lowenstein-Jensen), since the clarity of Seven H11 allows for microscopic examination of the plate in contrast to opaque media products.

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