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MyBlock™ I Mini Dry Bath

Price: Call for best price

Benchmark Scientific Mini Dry Bath

SSE Code: BIM BSH200
Manufacturers Code: BSH200
Packaging: Each

With its compact construction, broad temperature range, and multiple block options, the myBlock Mini is the perfect tool for laboratory incubations. The simple touch pad controls and a digital display provide for "set and walk away" temperature selection and unrivaled accuracy. While perfect for bench use, the optional 12V adapter expands the utility of the myBlock M ini to field use. At less than 4.3 inches wide, myBlock Mini is truly the first personal block incubator. Features • Compact, fits on any crowded benchtop • Available in heat only or heat & cool versions • Exchangeable blocks for 0.2 to 50ml tubes • Simple touchpad, digital control • Link two consecutive programs (cooling model only) • Custom blocks available upon request

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