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Benchmark Rotating Mixer
Item #BIM R5010
Includes three rotisserie tube holders (12 x 50ml, 20x15ml & 48x1.5/2.0ml)
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Item #BIM B3D1320
BioMixer with dimpled mat, 12 x 12
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Mini BioMixer
Item #BIM B3D1020
Mini BioMixer with dimpled mat, 10.5x7.5 in.
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Tube & Bottle Rollers
Item #BIM R3005
TubeRoller with 5 rollers
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Vornado™ Mini Vortex Mixer
Item #BIM BV101-B
Vornado™ Vortex Mixer, blue cup, 115V
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Vortex Mixer BenchMixer™ XL
Item #BIM BV1010
BenchMixer™ XL Multi-Tube Vortexer, 115V Includes, 50 x 12mm tube rack
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Vortex Mixer Mortexer™
Item #BIM BV1005
Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer
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